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Expert Dissertation Consulting

Dissertation consulting, known as the innovative program of individual coaching and counseling for students working on their dissertation, offers consulting with writing a manuscript and conducting research, and provides guidance through the entire writing process, from topic selection to successful paper completion.

Generally speaking consulting and counseling services are helpful in:

– choosing a topic, narrowing the topic, developing a focus, and choosing variables;

– setting short and long term goals for designing and submitting chapters;

– completing your paper successfully in the shortest time possible.

Such services will also help you control you writing process as they:

– solve problems around topic selection;

– analyze options for methodology;

– select appropriate writing resources;

– define hypothesis and problem;

– establish limitations.

Coaching and counseling will also influence your co-operation with your advisor by extracting feedback and specific guidance from your advisor; producing the product that your advisor is interested in; setting realistic goals; handling meetings with your advisor; discovering assumptions, biases and objectives of your advisor; advocating for your paper project; making your anxiety work for you.

Whenever you are looking for a good piece of writing consider our dissertation consulting team offering personal guidance throughout all phases of the research process. We will analyze your work and think of the ways how to strengthen your research process and final product. We specialize in papers that explore depths of human activity and uphold integrity of human experience.