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Contrary to what most people may think dissertation conclusion is a significant part of your writing and hence its importance shouldn’t be underestimated. It gives your paper a sense of completeness and leaves strong impression on the reader.

Generally speaking there doesn’t exist one correct way to write a concluding part of your paper but still you might consider the following while working on it:

– avoid repeating things already stated in the main body of your dissertation. Show how your examples, references, and ideas have combined to support your argument;

– point out the opposing points of view that might qualify your argument;

– think of questions that still should be answered or explored;

– emphasize key material;

– point out the significance of implications of what has been said on your area of work or field of research;

– make the dissertation conclusion even more impressive by adding a provocative insight or quotation. However you should take care not to divert readers’ attention from the argument you’ve developed.

While working on your dissertation conclusion keep in mind it should bring out the importance of your paper, and show how you have managed to bring closure to the research problem as well as point out gaps in knowledge by offering issues for further research. The importance brought out in the final part of your writing should be congruent with the argument of your writing and cannot reach any farther. It is the place to put the final perspective on your paper as a whole.

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