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Masterpapers connects students with expert helpers for high-quality academic writing and editing services. We offer expert help in more than 50 subjects Biology, SQL, LaTeX, STATA, Capstone projects, law, forensic research, nursing, health sciences, biomedical engineering, criminology and business are just a few areas we can help you with.

Here’s the Right Way to Do a College Student Resume

Writing a good college resume can be a daunting task. You have to take care of so many details and requirements. You go slightly wrong, and the chances of getting the job get jeopardized. Hence, it’s very important to do it right.

We propose you 5 tips to take your resume to the level of perfection. The tips are not actually about what you should do in the resume, but about what you need to deter. If you keep your resume free of these 5 glitches, it’ll come out great anyway. Here they are:

  • Fancy fonts that make the text difficult to read.
  • Photos in which you are inadequately dressed or posed.
  • Job description in place of job achievements.
  • 3 or more pages for a resume.
  • One all-purpose resume to match all job postings.

All of these are an absolute no-no when you are building a resume. These factors reduce your possibility of being chosen and set a bad impression on the reviewer. Therefore, you need to carefully check your resume concerning these points.

In addition to making you aware of these 5 loopholes, we also suggest guidelines to help you write a high school student resume for college. As you enter college, you need to tell the admissions committee about the activities you participated in and the skills you acquired that make you eligible for your chosen program.

Fonts That Don’t Qualify for Use in a Resume – Avoid Them

Even before you see the employer the first time, you’ve already shared a lot about you through the resume. Recruiters are generally very busy and can’t spend much time on a resume that makes it to their table. Generally, an employer spends no more than six seconds on a resume. It’s important to set a nice impression within this brief time.

The first requirement of that is readability. The employer will only read it fully if the text is clear to understand. Therefore, any font that doesn’t induce any hindrance in readability and facilitates clear text comprehension is good. The following fonts are not good for use in a resume:

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Brush Script
  • Courier
  • Comic Sans

You might be surprised that we are stopping you from using Times New Roman since it’s a commonly used font. The reason we discourage it is the same. It won’t help your resume stand out. Besides, if the size is very small, Times New Roman gets difficult to read.

Arial is the sans-serif equivalent of Times New Roman in the overused category. Arial is also very commonly used, so it’s a lazy choice. Using such common fonts sets an impression on the reviewer that you didn’t put in the required effort to get your resume a distinguishing appeal. Secondly, Arial is just an adapted version of Helvetica. It has a more irregular and loose construction compared to Helvetica. We don’t say that the font itself is bad or there’s anything wrong with it – we just propose to use fonts that are not so regularly used.

It’s not a good idea to use a font that makes the text resemble handwriting. It won’t give your resume a personality of its own. Using Brush Script is especially wrong because it’s an overused font, and makes the text look outdated and cheap. It’s better to use conservative fonts.

Courier is not a very good choice for modern resumes because it’s designed to look like the product of a typewriter. You don’t want to set the impression on the reviewer that you created your resume using a typewriter. Secondly, the courier has a mono-spaced typeface – all letters have equal spacing between them, unlike most other fonts that are proportionally spaced. This feature makes it look unnatural, especially when it is used for complete pages of text.

Comic Sans is among those fonts that make your resume the most informal. You want to use a font that looks sober, not one that has a comic appeal to it. As the name implies, Comic Sans is suitable for use in comic books. It’s look is childish and casual – used in any serious text, it tends to get the reader distracted. Any font that comes across as flashy, funky, or flowery is not suitable for resume writing.

What Features to Avoid in the Resume Photo

A very important aspect of any resume is the photo of the applicant. It needs to reflect the best image of the candidate. Don’t wear heavy makeup in the resume photo. You are applying for a job, not going to a party. Keep your expressions subtle. Wearing a mild smile is recommendable.

Don’t wear very bright colors, e.g. yellow, orange, parrot-green, or shocking pink. Light or very dark shades of blue, grey, black, brown, and white are more suitable. Don’t capture your entire image from head to toe. Only show yourself from waist-up. That’ll make your features more prominent and also save space for other important details about you in the resume.

Don’t Describe What You Did, Share Your Achievements

One of the things you can do to bore the reviewer for sure is describe the responsibilities of your previous jobs. Just tell them the title of the position, and they’ll know the job duties themselves. If you say you used to monitor employees as a manager, it’s a waste of space on the resume because monitoring is an essential function of management. Instead, you should share how you helped the organization gain more value.

Statements telling how you assisted the company in solving a big problem, how you got the money released for the company or the strategies you used to improve the sales of the company are suitable for inclusion in the resume. The employer is interested in knowing how you can improve the system or help the company achieve its goals. So a statement like, “I developed a software that totally revolutionized and improved the communication channel between the contractor, client, and consultant” is better than “I took care of the technical aspects of the business.” Tell the employer what you did in particular.

Limit the Resume’s Size – You Want It to be Read Fully

You might be aware of the job situation these days. For every job post, employers receive hundreds of resumes, if not thousands. If you were a recruiter yourself, what would you prefer – short one or two-page resumes or lengthy resumes?

Certainly, as a business person with less time, you would like to see the details compiled in the shortest form possible. Hence, it’s advisable, to sum up, all the details on one page if you can. That’s the ideal length for a resume. If that’s not possible, you may use a second page. Anything beyond that makes the resume too long to read.

Show the Employer That You Really Want This Job

A way in which you can potentially impair your chances of selection is applying for the job with a nonspecific resume. Many students make this mistake. They develop one resume just once and use it for every single job that comes their way. If you adopt this approach, your resume may not even make it to the employer. You should customize the resume to every single job posting you consider applying for.

How to Build a High School Resume for College

Many students need to develop a high school resume. Freshly out from the high-school – that’s a time when you don’t have practical experience to include in the resume. So you should focus on your educational achievements, participation in extra-curricular activities, and volunteering work. Anything that you find relevant to the program in college is suitable for use in place of experience.

Still Need Help with College Graduate Resume? – Tell Us

If you carefully avoid the above factors in the resume, you’ll be able to write an impressive resume yourself without any help. However, if you still can’t write it yourself because of any reason, e.g. lack of time or excessive work, there’s no need to panic because you have the option of using our services. Our cool experts know the requirements and thus use the best resume format for college students. They’ve been giving this help for years and know very well how to write a convincing resume.

To get their assistance, all you need to do is fill out a simple order form wherein you provide details about yourself. We deliver you the resume within the time you need and charge you a very basic price for it. Furthermore, we guarantee that your resume will be written from scratch in a way that it carries the most important and relevant details of your profile. Better get it done professionally if you find it too hard. Get it here.

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