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Citation of research paper is an integral part of any assignment. Without it an assignment would be simply incomplete. Masterpapers.com does understand this well and dedicates a lot of efforts in ensuring that all citations are done in a proper manner.

Several styles are used in which the sources of an assignment should be cited in a right way. The most popular ones are Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago etc. All these styles have their own set of guidelines. The writers of masterpapers.com are well abreast of all the citation styles and incorporate them appropriately in order to produce a good research paper to you.

Most of the marks students get cut due to the improper citation style. Students feel that framing the entire essay is not as difficult as citing the different source. Masterpapers.com understands this dilemma and does not just use good sources but also presents quotations in the exact manner that is expected by the tutors.

While citing one should keep in mind that citations are just a means of strengthening one's viewpoints. Hence a good paper should display more of the writer's thoughts and lesser of the information copied down from other sources. Citations are a tool to show that the student has indulged in research. It also proves the credibility of the student's point of view.

Whenever you are given a topic to write, read all the instructions carefully. A large part of the instructions revolve around the sources. There would be guidelines on how many sources to use, whether to use one type of source or more than one category of sources like a mix of the websites, journals and books. Some instructions would also point out the number of each type of sources or the period to which these sources should belong. Never overlook these instructions. Research paper writing requires not only skills but also attentions and carefulness.

Whichever the style of reference is the information provided in the text is more or less the same. Each style requires stating the same information. It includes the name of the author, year of publication of the reference material and the page number from where the reference material is taken. If a material is being quoted from a website then instead of the page number, paragraph number is properly specified.

The information about the references is the same but the way of presentation of this information differs. For example if you are quoting an author named Augustus Clarke, in the Harvard style of referencing you would write Clarke observes or Clarke says and then the direct quote within quotation marks. Whereas while using the APA referencing system the same quotation would be preceded by Clarke observed or Clarke said. Thus there is a difference in the tense while introducing the name of the author. There are other differences like these which you would get in a specialized stylebook or a specialized website that you should follow seriously step-by-step. In these stylebooks there are how-guide guideline of how to write the bibliography or the works cited page that appears at the end of research papers.

Citation of research paper is a very important part of every good written assignment. If you are not confident about it then instead of marring the total effect of the paper entrust this responsibility to masterpapers.com Its excellent writing service and client friendly policies would give you immense satisfaction in dealing with this us. Place an order today and you would get a real value of your money now!

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