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Chicago style research paper writing under the loupe

Chicago style research paper is a type of college writing that is based on the principles introduced in the Chicago Manual of Style. It offers two documentation styles: one of them uses bibliographies and notes while the other uses lists of references and author date citations. Offered by the Chicago Manual are also guidelines for punctuation and spelling which implies discussion of usage of quotations, numbers, tables, illustrations, and abbreviations among others.

According to Chicago style citations are marked by means of placing a superscript number after each paraphrase or quotation. Citations should be numbered throughout the text, each of them corresponding to a numbered note that contains publication information related to the source cited. Such notes are referred to as endnotes when appear at the end of a chapter, and footnotes when printed at the end of a page.

Chicago style research paper format recommends using italics and underlining to make certain elements within the text conspicuous. The use of underlining can be a problem however when you create texts for online publication. In this case italics should be used for titles, for letters, and for numbers referred to as such. Please remember that according to the style the first note should include all the information identifying the source, namely the name of the author, the title of the book, the place of publication, the publication date, the name of the publisher, and page numbers that indicate location of the information quoted.

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