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Dissertation Chapter

Help with Dissertation Chapters

Speaking about dissertation chapters we should mention it must follow the steps of the research process and comply with guidelines for writing style described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Thus doctoral candidates should familiarize themselves with the APA Manual and use it as a reference in matters of dissertation style.

The compositional structure of your paper generally implies dividing it into several parts known as dissertation chapters.

Start your work with appendix a document which lists elements that must be included in your paper and highlights those that must appear in the proposal.

The abstract is another important element of your dissertation writing. It is a brief summary of the dissertation project area of investigation, and should reflect your familiarity with the current issues in the field. This part of your paper should include proposed methods and conclusions.

One of the most important parts of your dissertation, the introduction presents a problem that should be addressed by the paper research. Described in this part of your writing should be the purpose and nature of the study, guiding research questions and the significance of the study.

The next chapter should include a review of the literature and research questions. This part should focus on literature and conclusions pertinent to the problem and subject addressed in your paper.

The next dissertation chapter should describe how the study will be conducted. This part is usually divided into several subsections.

The reference list should include all the works cited in the proposal. Provided by the APA Manual is guidance for compiling a reference list.

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