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Business Studies GCSE Coursework


As compared to other types of academic writing, business studies GCSE coursework is concerned with collecting, analyzing, and presenting information and is regarded as a wonderful opportunity to show your examiners how you can work in normal conditions when you are not under pressure of time in the examination. Your coursework represents some 25% of marks for GCSE and hence, must be treated with serious consideration. What you find below are useful tips to succeed.

The normal pattern for writing any academic paper is setting one’s own title that should be approved by the teacher. Try to avoid descriptive questions as these tend to offer little opportunity for both analysis and conclusions.

Prior to starting your project you may be required to submit a plan of research and ideas for likely sources while your teacher is expected to give his suggestions and comments upon these proposals.

It is also useful to know what the examiners will be looking for in your paper. First and foremost, they will be looking for evidence that you’ve used a wide variety of sources which means you shouldn’t rely only on one type of information. You should also make sure that your paper doesn’t have any irrelevant material. Originality is another important point of concern. State your own opinions and make sure you give reasons for them. You may as well as illustrative materials including graphs, maps, diagrams, and statistics.

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