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A book report is a piece of writing that gives a short summary of a book and what is more important an attitude of the reader towards it. Being tailored to its readers, it still includes some details with the emphasis on aspects related to the subject matter of the given topic.

While following the aim to check you understanding of the book content a book report enables the writer to express his opinion on the book. Generally speaking your thorough analysis of the book should help the reader decide whether this book is worth reading or not.

The following tips will be helpful in writing a proper book report. Thus in the introductory paragraph you should introduce the author and the title of the book, explain why you’ve chosen this particular book, classify the genre of the story, provide interesting background information about the author, and compose a thesis statement reflecting the main idea of the book.

The body of your book report should open with the definition of the theme of the story followed by the description of the setting. When it comes to the plot avoid monotonous story retelling, just recollect the central events of the story. Vivid and brief character description is an important part of the body.

In the conclusion you should remind readers the main points about the book stressing its beneficial sides.

The length of your book report may vary from one to three pages as you can be asked to identify some advanced topics in the text. The time required for this type of writing usually varies from one to several weeks. However our attentive and knowledgeable experts will make the process less complicated and more pleasant for you to enjoy the results of your work.