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How to write a good Press Release

Getting a good Press Release published

There's a standard format of getting a press release written and it will help your credibility and chances of being printed in trade magazines if you follow the usual format.' So you might ask what difference does it make"As long as my company is good, consumers will use it, irrespective of publicity and press releases.

Are press releases, public relations and media junkets a waste of time?

That's not exactly true, Public relations and Marketing play an important role in raising the awareness of your company and its product in the consumers mind. For example, do you fume when you read stories in trade magazines about the tremendous achievements of competitor companies and you realize that your company achieved those same successes about a few years back"That's the advantage of having a good Public Relations manager with contacts in the advertising media.

Simply put, blow your own horn loudly but subtly!

  1. Be smart; consult with your employees (whether they like it or not employees are usually the best trusted brand ambassadors you can have for free marketing and publicity) and a good PR consultant.
  2. Know your market; once you know what people want then, marketing your company's product using the hook you've discovered becomes very easy.
  3. Make sure to keep in mind that you are writing a press release to attract the attention of the media. It is very important to present accurate facts, use truthful details and quotes, which you have been authorized to use about other businesses, and most importantly have 'a hook' that will draw the media and is somehow linked to current news events. Effective releases are written with the most important information and quotes first to grab your attention and retain it.
  4. Press releases are a useful means of providing press and clients with information and many media articles begin by picking up quotes from press releases. Make yours distinctive by getting an experienced marketing editor to write it. A headline and first paragraph clarifying' the hook' your company wants to exploit is essential.
  5. Public relations lend credibility to different types of endorsements. This means you're not paying to get news placed, but the media is generously giving space to a story about your company. A news article like this is a powerful instrument as consumers are extremely cynical and they realize that advertisements are paid for by companies to promote their products. 

If the media features your press release, you, and your company, your message gains instant credibility because it is 'out of the ordinary' as compared to a commercial which states that you purchased the promotion. So getting a good professional press release done by a media expert at MasterPapers is essential for good publicity for your company.

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