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What Is Thesis Statement for Graduate Students?

Thesis Statement for Graduate StudentsIn general, research papers are of two kinds, reports and thesis. The main difference between these types is one of purpose. In report writing, the writer ascertains the realities and shreds of evidence about a certain issue and shows them in an organized and absolutely clear way.

Contrary to it, a thesis writer evaluates the facts and based upon certain assumptions, draws conclusions and recommendations. The concluding paragraphs are actually the hypothesis of the writer’s research paper for which he/she collects the relevant data, organizes it, and evaluates it critically in the research. Thus, a thesis should be a synthesis of your discoveries about a topic and your evaluation of those discoveries.

Definition / Positioning of Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a sentence that clearly and specifically states the topic and purpose of your research work. Do you know what is a thesis paragraph? Remember, a thesis statement is always included in the opening paragraph of a research paper, mostly the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. This opening paragraph is also known as the thesis paragraph.

Features of a Good Thesis Statement

Many students make a serious mistake while crafting a thesis statement for their research assignment because they don’t exactly know what is thesis statement and how to write it perfectly. If you are a student at the PhD level, you should understand what is a PhD thesis and whatever the topic you are assigned, your thesis statement must follow the following features:

  • Specific in nature;
  • Identifies the direction of the whole thesis;
  • Corresponds to the structure of your essay;
  • Explains understandable ideas to the readers.

It is Mandatory to Understand What is a Thesis Paper Before Writing?

A thesis paper is a sort of academic paper that involves comprehensive research, and you have to compose it under supervision of your tutor. The assignment of a thesis paper is assigned to the students at the graduate level. When you write your thesis paper, actually it reflects your understanding level on the assigned topic.

It also shows how much you can evaluate things critically. You have to explain and support your opinion based on arguments; thus, a thesis paper highlights your argumentative abilities as well.

How to Write a Thesis at Graduate Level?

Before writing a thesis at graduate level, you must have a sound knowledge of what is a graduate thesis? The following paragraphs is a brief guideline for the graduate level students to write a thesis:

  • Determine the Purpose

Clearly specify the aim of the thesis and limit the scope to a manageable size.

  • Conduct In-Depth Research

Do a thorough search of all available sources. Much of your information may come from the college or university library, but there are many other sources available to you, such as newspapers, magazines, old publications about the topic, or online resources.

  • Support, Organize and Draft Your Ideas

Determine what information you will use to support your ideas. Organize them into a logical pattern, and produce a topic outline, sentence outline, and the initial draft.

  • Revise and Edit

Read and re-read your first draft. Set it aside, and then read it again objectively. Then, revise your thesis to say exactly what you want it to say, edit it to eliminate spelling and punctuation errors, errors of logic, faulty information, verbosity, and typographical errors.

  • Get Feedback

After converting into better shape, it is far better to take the print out of your paper and ask some of your classmates, senior, or even any of your parents to go through it and give feedback to you. welcome their inputs objectively and make necessary amendments in your draft. Sometimes you may even get new ideas to improve the quality of the content.

  • Use Active Voice

Although it is not 100% mandatory to use each of your sentences in an active tone, however, it is always considered to use active voice in your content. Avoid the passive voice.

  • Plan your schedule of work carefully

Writing a thesis is neither a quick nor an easy task. But it is not an overwhelming one either. As long as you feel that you are undertaking a worthwhile project and know that you are following a planned procedure, you should produce a successful thesis.

Do You Know What is a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

Sometimes it is really unfortunate that students, even at master’s level don’t fully understand what is a master thesis? Being student, it is obligatory for you to comprehend what is a thesis statement in an essay and how you should include it in your writing? You cannot include a thesis statement blindly in your topic, or a particular style of writing a thesis statement is also not valid for all kinds of essays. Rather, it all depends on the type and nature of the essay format. The most common types of essay formats are the following:

  • Persuasive / argumentative essay;
  • Descriptive / narrative essay;
  • Expository essay.

Thesis statement for Persuasive / Argumentative Essay

Most of the papers are of persuasive format that intends to persuade the readers to accept your thesis. The argumentative essays provide space for the readers to think oppositely. In both situations, the thesis statement must be decisive and specific, particularly in case of a controversial topic. It may also discuss the opposite argument.

Thesis Statement for Descriptive / Narrative Essay

In an essay of descriptive or narrative nature, the writer intends to explain a certain event (maybe historical or current), process (scientific or social), or action to keep the readers engaged in reading till to the last. The decisive statement is not necessary for narrative essays; however, you may explain the significance of the topic and its relevance to the readers to create interest or curiosity.

Thesis Statement for Expository Essay

The thesis statement for an expository essay reflects the topic of your research paper and briefly explains the potential aspects of the idea the readers will see in the paper.

Can You Explain What is a Thesis Statement Example?

After discussing different types of thesis statements, let’s understand with examples what is a thesis statement example with respect to a specific format of an essay.

Example 1

As discussed earlier, the thesis statement of an argumentative essay states three points. (1) the topic of your research work (2) Your own opinion on the idea, and (3) causes why you are of that opinion. See the statement below: –

“Modern Technology has created distances among relatives because

it has created physical gaps in our social environment, and it is

not an alternative to re-strengthen the social norms”.

Here “Modern Technology” indicates (1) the main topic, “has created distances among the relatives” indicates (2) your opinion, and “it has created physical gaps in our social environment, and it is not an alternative to re-strengthen the social norms” indicates (3) causes.

Example 2

In a descriptive or narrative essay, your thesis statement must include (1) the topic, (2) your evaluations or analysis, and (3) your conclusions. See the following thesis statement:

“An evaluation to use the substitutes of crude oil energies explain

that the use of wind power and solar energy are better options.”

Here “crude oil energies” indicates the (1) main topic, “An evaluation to use the substitutes” explain (2) what you have analyzed in the study, and “the use of wind power and solar energy better options” indicates (3) the conclusion of the research.

Example 3

As far as an expository essay format is concerned, the thesis statement explains (1) the topic, (2) major outcomes of your paper. See the following example:

“Main contributory factors in the success of a graduate-level student

include hard work, better time management, inspiration

from family and personal motivation”.

Here “the success of a graduate-level student” indicates (1) topic, and “hard work, better time management, inspiration from family, and personal motivation” explains (2) main findings of the research work.

In the following examples, you will see and understand what is a good thesis statement.

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