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Thesis Writing

Thesis writing involves a lot of intricate affairs. At this point in your academic life, you might have come up with a good research topic and your scheme must have been tendered and accepted. You might also have collected enough information and what remains is only the writing process. Do not think all your brainstorming is over. You still have an enormous task ahead of you and you must be dedicated to the completion of that task.

What most students do is that they begin the writing from the first chapter to progress to the last chapter. The danger with this method is that you may get short of ideas on a particular chapter and this will definitely put a halt to the whole project. The best approach is to begin writing from an area where you think you are not only proficient in, but that there is enough and ready material before you progress to the difficult parts. There is nothing wrong writing a project in parts and even starting from the middle. What you should bear in mind is that each chapter is made up of different ideas. The only thing you should care about is the finish of you paper. Is there a link between the various paragraphs? If yes, I think there is no problem.

I am sure you began with a proposal and an outline. This is the time for you to make use of these. The proposal or outline will be your guide into the write-up. Remember we discussed that the outline or proposal is already the research writing begun. Begin by verifying the investigative approach or methodology you listed in the proposal. There are some facets of it which you will just change or transfer to your project. If anything has to change or you find that there is a shift in methodology, it is imperative for you make this known to your supervisor at once. Do not allow your supervisor and other readers to expect one thing and end up finding the opposite.

It is always recommended that you present your writing in an intellectual and interesting style. You are writing for academia and not for amusement. So it will be to your advantage to try to be as simple as possible, yet making use of the basic language or terminologies of your subject. Invent some keywords that will be appropriate for your research paper and make use of them or their alternatives. However, if you import some of these alternatives, make sure that they are fit for the purpose. Avoid using a word that could mean one thing in a paragraph and that will contradict that same thing in another paragraph.

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Thesis writing should end with a review of your work. Your last chapter should be taken more serous than your first chapter and even the whole of the script. You made some assertions in the first chapter and your have to show a conclusion on these assertions in the last chapter. This is the chapter that tells of your stand, your proposed solutions and that gives the way forward. Thus, it should mirror the whole of you work.