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Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is all about telling the reader what is to be found in the composition. To write an appropriate statement for your research project, there are certain important facets you must know. You must first of all know the aim of the statement you want to write. What is the raison d’être behind starting a project with a statement? The statement is there to inform the reader on the manner in which you will deduce the implication of the subject on which you are writing on. It informs the reader of what will be found in the project. It is an indirect way to give an answer or a clue to the answer of the question that you wish to answer.

After knowing what is expected from your project statement, the next challenge is how to generate the statement. You must bear in mid that bringing this out is not an easy affair. When you have an intention to write about something, begin by collecting and organizing evidence, then look for potential interactions linking known facts. Think about the correlation of these facts and you prop up with a main idea for your project. This main idea can be used as the statement. There may be so many ideas, but you must select one as the main idea.

Once you have chosen an idea as the main idea of your research paper, how do you know if it is apt to be the main statement? Single out that main idea and make an evaluation of it. Ask yourself some questions. Does the main idea relate to the title of my paper; does it provide a clue to the answer to my question? Is the idea leaning on the fence; has the idea taken sides so that it will be impossible to raise a cogent opposition to it? Take note that it must be an idea that will bring in a lot of challenges. Your main idea should be explicit enough to build up a cogent argument. The statement and the body of your work should work hand in hand. They should both reflect the same position and one should not deviate or meander from the other.

The main idea or declaration of your paper must be found in a single sentence. Even if the sentence contains more than one phrase, articulate it with punctuation to fit into one sentence.

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A Thesis statement should come at the beginning of the paper. This is because it is the opener of the paper; it will be used to bring in the readers to what you are determined to bring out, and give them an idea of what is to come after. It should be clear, stating what you believe in. Avoid vague phrases like “I think the” or “it looks or seems like”. Situate yourself in one position and stay at that position. Wherever you decide to stand will be the center of attention of your paper. However, this does not mean that you may not shift your stand within the paper. You may begin with the intention that you have a stand and know enough to back up your stand. But along the lines, the lack of material or evidence may turn things round and you may instead have something in support of the opposite. It may be possible to change your statement.