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Senior thesis

A senior thesis is an enormous, self-regulating investigative venture that students undertake when they are at the height of the academic career, to come out with some distinction. This is also research carried out by senior researchers or academicians who want to bring out the knowledge of something not only to the academic world, but to the general public.
This type of writing can sometimes be a great hard work, even more than a class exam. This type or paper can normally be started by choosing an out of the ordinary and responsible research question. You are writing out of the normal classroom or school required work. This is mostly dome by experts or serious researcher who wants to bring something out of the usual research. What are the necessary steps involved in writing this type of research paper?

The first activity in this senior paper is finding a topic to write about. Finding a topic for this type of paper is not always easy. What you are to write about must be something current and particularly in the field of what you are already researching. I am sure this now makes that topic a bit easier for you. The topic must also be that which you can handle. If it is found within your current research field, it must be within your reach. But do not decide on an impossible task within your field of study simply because you want to make a challenge to other researchers or you want to show the world that you are a serious researcher.

Ahead of looking for a topic, you should do some research in your area of interest. This is to ensure that you have discovered enough material to back up not only your topic, but the ideas that you will raise in the project. There is an advantage for you that is already in the field. You can use your own know-how in the field; you can make use of your colleagues. You can converse with other as you carry out your daily research and read what others have to say on the subject matter.

Having discovered a burning idea and adequate material to support it, you can start up with the writing. From what you have investigated, it will be necessary to sort out what is relevant from irrelevant issues. Arrange your ideas in a clear and sensible or logical manner. Keep in mind that you are now considered, at least, a senior researcher. That seniority must be able to be highlighted in your paper.

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Senior thesis writers should take revising and editing of their research papers as the most important step in their research. Every body can write a research paper. But what makes your paper senior, or distinguishable from those of others are the errors that you notice. The purpose of revision is to look again into what you have written. Be opposed to and alien to your work. Hand a draft for appraisal by another student before the final submission. Edit to get rid of superfluous words, to reorganize words into stronger and clearer meaning and for perfect transition and connection of thoughts. If you want honors, never leave these out.