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How to Write Literature Review

There are many questions that a student may be concerned of during his school years. These may involve how to write coursework projects, how to use statistics in researching or where to find resources for references. But for the mean time, let us concentrate on how to write literature review chapters for your research papers.

The literature review will always be a part of a high school research paper. Basically, the main purpose of such a segment is to let the readers know the significance of your topic. By referencing another piece of work, you can increase the reliability and importance aspect of your project. Please take note that a literature research paper is completely different from a literature review. The former is a whole type of a thesis while the latter is a part of all thesis papers.

But how do I write a literature review if I am a beginner? First of all, you must consider this chapter as a simple article. Therefore, you only need to provide parts like Introduction, Body and the Finalizing part. The main aspect in writing this is to summarize the external work that you wish to use as a reference. Therefore, reading the whole project is necessary from the Introduction to the Conclusion.

How to write literature review may also demand certain points to include. The most important details are the thesis statement, the methods, the data and the results of another work that you are going to reference. Include all of these details in your own literature review.

A good research paper should be something that have already addressed all your concerns and dilemmas in writing. If you are still clueless how to write literature review chapters, you can read the previous entries in this blog site.