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Dissertation Questions – You need answers now

Do you have some dissertation questions that need to be answered? We will discuss some things that pertain to your inquiries about dissertation writing. Although there are so many resources online, you cannot simply have a good lead in finding the best materials to learn how to write a research proposal or how to compose a dissertation paper in general.

The first dissertation question is ‘how to select the best topic?’ You can choose a subject that reflects the following factors; feasibility of the subject, importance of the subject, your personal knowledge about the subject and the available materials for the research.

What are the steps in writing a dissertation? You need to have a thesis statement. This is the main idea that you want to research about. Next is to come up with the plan of researching. You can conduct experiments, use reading materials, conduct surveys and interviews or undertake data mining. Afterward you can proceed writing the chapter of the dissertation paper.

What are the basic parts of a dissertation? You need to include the Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Data analysis and the Conclusion. As miscellaneous parts, you also need to put the bibliography page, an acknowledgment page and a title page.

What citation styles can I use for my dissertation? You can use any of the three major forms of citations; MLA format paper, APA format and Harvard. You can integrate the in-text citation process, bibliography page and pagination techniques according to these rules.

If you have other dissertation questions that were not discussed, simply contact us. We can even provide a research proposal sample for you.