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One of the basic types of class projects is the school essay. It is one of the many assignments and class works that you can write for. Technically, a school essay is just any essay that you have to submit for an equivalent grade. Therefore, let me give you some options of what purposes in writing are available for you.

Descriptive essay – an article that describes things or subjects. You can write this effectively by providing general to specific descriptions of the subject interest.

Narrative essay – an essay that tells of a story at hand based on the preference of the writer. The topic of the story can come from a personal experience or from an imagined setup of events.

Persuasive essay – the article that intends to intentionally persuade the readers. It contains proofs and conditioning ideas about a topic and makes them valid.

Analysis essay – the type of an essay that involves analysis of a subject and gives additional interpretation of another article’s contents.

Argumentative essay – this school essay intends to refute another idea. You can do this only if you think you have a solid counter proof that will make your argument more valid than the other side of the equation.

Cause and effect essay – this one involves the logical thinking skills of the writer. You have to provide the link between causes and effects in a setup of arguments. You can write such an essay if you wish to develop insights about an event.

There are other types of school essays that you can write based on your capabilities and purposes in writing. If you wish to learn more, simply go to our samples page today.

We all know that a school essay will always be a part of the learning parameter of any students. Many teachers rely on this material to evaluate the different skills of the students. Actually, school essays are not merely articles for writing. They also incorporate the different development skills for students to become competitive. So what are the steps related to writing a basic school essay? Let me give you the simple procedures to help you get started.

  1. Choose a topic. The subject for writing must be significant and important. Also, you should have personal interest in discussing it to keep your motivations high.
  2. Create an outline. You can take a look at some essay outline examples to guide you how to create one. In general, the outline is like a simple plan on what you want to include in your essay.
  3. Build a solid thesis statement. This is a general idea that you wish to include in discussing your paper. The thesis statement serves as the soul of the article. You can write in an assertive way.
  4. A simple school essay may involve the term paper format of writing. This means you can include the basic parts like introduction paragraph, body and the conclusion.
  5. Reference your information. When you are trying to come up with a factual or informative essay, you need to use other sources of information. This means you must have the capacity to cite your resources using the basics like APA and MLA research paper citation formats.
  6. Edit out errors. Proofreading is the last step in writing a school essay. Eliminate spelling and grammar errors from your article.

We understand the dilemmas that you are currently undergoing in writing your school essay. Technically, this type of an article is simply one of the most common formats of projects and assignments in school. That is why it is important that you know how to write a good essay in the first place. What are the things that I need to know?

An essay needs to have a topic. This is something that must be considered with great care because topics tend to provide great domains of discussions for an effective essay. When selecting a topic, you must have a goal in writing. Some of the popular ones are narrative essay topics, classification goals, descriptive topics, argumentative and persuasive topics.

A school essay needs to have a sense of idea presentation. This is the main role of the thesis statement. It is the main idea that you wish to discuss in an essay. The thesis statement must be strong in a way that it asserts a notion, provides guidance in tackling things and intends to resolve a question.

It is also important that you follow the correct writing format in a school essay. An essay plan should include the Introduction paragraph, Body and the Conclusion. This is the general form but you can modify the body part extensively according to your preference.

Sometimes, it may be possible to cite external resources for writing that is why it is also a good thing that you know something about writing in an APA format essay structure or an MLA format.

These are the basic things to know in writing a school essay. Let us become your partner in knowing some other information about how to write essays, research papers and coursework.

The term school essay is a very broad domain of writing. If you are confused as to what article to write, then let us take a look at some pointers to consider in essay writing whether you are an expert or a beginner in this field.

School essays can have different themes or purposes. You can write essay ideas that will involve classification of objects, arguing about issues, persuading readers and even telling stories in a narrative essay. Whatever the goal may be, the same instructions in writing should be implemented as according to the academic systems of composing an article.

School essays can also tackle so many varied topic interests. If you are an expert in biology, then you can write small research essays that will include details about cloning, viruses and cells. If you are inclined towards discussing things about the arts and literature, then you can write Macbeth or Roman Literature essays.

You can also write a school essay based on your personal thoughts. An opinion essay is written if you want to share your ideals about a topic. You can also write a critical essay to criticize a material, object or event. Of course, you need to make sure that you have solid argument capabilities when writing such essays.

Lastly, school essays can use some formatting styles if you are going to reference other works. Some of the most common citation schemes are APA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA and Harvard. You may take a look at our previous articles to learn how to use these systems.

We are always here to provide you resources in essay writing. For your school essay requirement, you can take a look at our Samples page or the Archives. Feel free to navigate our site so that you can get a hand on our service offers. You can order a synthesis essay or a China research paper anytime.

There are hundreds of essay scholarships on the Internet. These scholarships are given in recognition of essays that are of high quality and written in response to an essay competition announcement. These essays are written in much the same vein as the general essay. However, they usually deal with topics that are different from the general topics asked for in school essay and college essay or for entrance tests.

The topics could be issue based and of concern to the world, country, or state, or even to the organization that sponsors the award. Different university departments also give out awards for brilliantly written essays on their respective subjects. Take for instance, the University of Toronto’s Department of History award for outstanding “undergraduate essays in history.” The two awards in this category are the Bertie Wilkinson Scholarship and All Souls Historical Essay Scholarship.

My College Guide carries a long list of essay awards given to students for various interesting and thought provoking concerns such as world peace, political courage, the Holocaust, and other issues. Take a look at the list of various organizations that fund these awards.

Medical topics are often subjects of hot discussion. It would take a dedicated and good medico to pin down ideas related to the medical field in an essay form. The Tema Conter memorial trust gives out awards to an emergency service student who writes the best paper on Critical incident stress and PTSD/Post Traumatic stress Disorder and how these affect the “personal and professional lives of emergency service personnel”.

The scholarships are based on issues that enhance the writer’s abilities to think critically, apply the mind analytically, and use language creatively. In order to test a “candidate’s critical thinking skills,” the James Randi Educational Foundation (1996) has instituted the “Critical Thinking scholarship Awards.” Since the aim to test critical thinking, candidates from any field of study could apply for these scholarships; the criteria would be “the applicant’s academic potential, background, and most importantly, their plans for building their critical thinking skills into their chosen field of study …”.

The E.J. Josey Scholarship Award is for Africa American students studying for courses accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). The essays have to be around 1,000 to 1,200 words and written on issues pertaining to the use of library services for the African American and other minority group students. However, the award is closed for the year 2007.

The scholarships test the candidate’s potential on various levels, the most important of which is the ability to think critically. Beyond this, these scholarships are a promising reward at the end of the rainbow for many students who struggle to balance work and study for financial reasons. The financial profitability of these scholarships helps students tide over financial worries and concentrate on their studies.

The essays scholarships is thus a good way to ease financial worries, let your analytical abilities take over, and your creative juices flow towards that pot of money at the end of the road.

The essay on man can be written in various ways. It is one of the most common topics at the school level in junior grades. This is when children are beginning to write their first essays, and the easiest topics are those that they can observe around them—pets, parents, families, man, and woman. The “man” essay is one of the easiest to write at this stage. More complicated essays on the subject could be asked at the college level where the philosophical and ideological angles begin to gain significance. The basic essay on this subject would include the biological and physical characteristics of man.

The essays would be largely descriptive at the school level. This could start with a description of the biological entity called “man.” What is biologically different between a man and a woman? What are the biological marks of a man?

  • Physical features
  • Biological characteristics
  • Different characteristics that differentiate a man from a woman, such as voice, hair
  • The kind of work a man would do or not do
  • Strength and physical courage
  • Man’s traditional image as the bread winner of the family

These are some of the points that the school essay could deal with to write on “man.” However, as you climb the grades to high school and on to college, the approach will need modification and maturity. This is when “man” will no longer be only a two-legged creature with stubble, moustache, and a gruff voice, but will symbolize many more things that were beyond comprehension to you as a school student.

In higher grades or in college, the subject could develop a more inquiring stance. Here are some pointers:

  • What does the Bible say about “man”
  • When did the idea of “man” as a concept develop
  • What were the manifestations of this concept in the early periods
  • What was the position of man in the universe
  • When this undergo change
  • Reference to some writers and thinkers who wrote on the topic
  • Use of this within the essay to refute or strengthen your own stance
  • The complexity of gender questions as evident in the use of the word “man”
  • Man as a rational creature: ideas pertaining to this

Emotional characteristics that seem compulsory for man as apart from woman

These are only concerns that could be used in essay writing on this particular subject. You will pick and choose those that appeal to you and that seem relevant or important to you. But notice how the thought process required is vastly different here than that required for the school essay on the same topic.

Many people have written and still write many a thoughtful essay on man. This has been an ancient preoccupation with philosophers and writers. But the basic school essay does not concern itself with any of these matters. It is a comparatively simplistic and mechanical essay that concerns itself with that which is easily evident to all humans. Now should be much more clear how to write an essay on man.

Essay on what? Is this what you ask yourself every time you need to write an essay? Most of us face this question when we have to write an essay and the topic is not assigned to us. The custom essay can be on anything at all. Essays could broadly be factual or abstract. Fact based topics are easy to write since they are amenable to research and based on hard facts.

With abstract topics, this is not always possible. Imagination is subjective and each individual’s account of it would differ from the next. Then again, how much could you research on such topics? For example, consider these topics:

(1)   Fact Based: “Analyze the role of religion in contemporary politics today.”

(2)  Imagination-based: “Analyze your feelings about a remarkable experience in your life.”

While you could easily find material on the former, for the latter, you would have to depend almost entirely on yourself. And that is not always the easiest thing to do.

Fact based essay writing could include almost any topic one could think of. These would relate to religion, politics, ethics, science and technology, literature, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, etc. They are usually heavy on explanation and research because not everyone can know of everything. It is not like writing about yourself where you know a lot already. These are topics out there being discussed by innumerable people, with various inputs that are verifiable and reliable.

So how do you deal with these topics? For one, first understand the topic thoroughly. What are you required to do? Do you need to simply describe the topic, or do you need to analyze it? What are your parameters for the essay? Are the boundaries drawn for you, or do you need to ascertain the beginning and the end of the subject matter given to you?

Let us see these examples: “Is capital punishment justified in the modern world?” This essay would require you to find out the following facts:

  •   What is capital punishment
  •   Which countries practice it
  •   Where is it banned
  •   On what grounds is capital punishment given
  •   When can it be contested
  •   What are the pros and cons about it
  •   What are the relevant ethical issues
  •   Why is it then justified or not justified
  •   If not capital punishment then what; how viable would be the alternative

Examples from around the world and especially from the country in which the assignment posits it

Notice how each of these points is based on hard facts. To take a stand on this argument, you would have to be acquainted with the facts of the subject.

Therefore, any essay on fact based topics (no matter if it’s a school essay or mba essay) would require careful research, planning, and presentation. However, since facts are easily available, it is easy to write out such essays. The only things you would need to mind are the facts themselves—you cannot get them wrong. That would surely go against your paper and your ability to deal with facts.