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MLA Format Standards

The question of what is MLA format may haunt you until you are about to write your first research paper. So in this case you must be able to learn what this format is. Basically the main goal of citing your resource materials is to make sure you have acknowledged the work of other people. Also, citing their work can eliminate the possibility of plagiarism offenses in the future which you do not want to happen. Now let me explain to you the basics of an MLA research paper.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. This organization initiated a defined format to cite the referenced materials of any students’ research papers. There are also the APA and Harvard formats but the MLA is usually used for topics that are related to humanities, the arts, literature and all other non-sciences subject domains. Understanding how to use the MLA format is also pretty easy. When you do in-text citation, the MLA format paper instructs you to simply capture the part of another document and integrate it to your own paper. Then you may enclose the part in quotation marks. Afterward put the author’s name and his work’s page number in a parenthesis. Take a look at this sample:

“The greedy attitude of bankers is the main reason why we are on global recession.” (Jackson 23).

In-text citation is just one part of the MLA format citation. You also need to write the bibliography page. This is called the Works Cited page in MLA. The page is a list of all the materials that you have used for the entire research. Each entry line should contain the author’s name, year of publication, title of his work, publishing city, publishing company and sometimes page numbers. Take a look at this sample:

Jackson, Sam. The Prodigal Son of the Internet. 2. 12. New York: Ather, 1991. 100. Print.

What is MLA format? Now that you know how it works, start writing your research paper today.