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Things To Include in a Research Proposal

In all aspects, a research proposal is simply a document that you will use to convince your professor, adviser and the panel that your plan of research is worth doing. You need to write a research proposal first before even conducting your actual research procedure. This means a proposal must be approved first by your adviser. So what are the basic contents of the research proposal?

The main idea in writing a research proposal is to make sure that you are on the right track of researching. Once approved, you can continue with your plan of research. Let me give you the basic parts of the research proposal:

  1. Title – provide a title that is attractive but simple.
  2. Abstract – the compact summary of your plan of research.
  3. Introduction – explain the background of the topic; provide reasons why your topic is worth researching about.
  4. Methodology – this part explains what procedures you are planning to use for data gathering and analysis.
  5. Conclusion – you have not conducted your research yet so provide assumptions and hypotheses for your research plan.

Will a research proposal automatically lead to writing my research paper? Apparently, there is no guarantee that your plan of action will be implemented. Of course you need to have the proposal approved first before starting with the first few steps. That is why you need to learn how to write a research proposal more efficiently. But if you would like to order for a custom written essay, you can simply place an order with us today.