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Research Proposal – The Information You Need to Know

What is a research proposal? In writing your first research paper, it is important that you have a definite scope of researching and that you can actually complete the task of composing a term paper. The research proposal is like a plan or a draft that you wish your instructor to approve. Essentially, if you have the backing of your adviser, it would be much easier for you to construct a well developed dissertation or thesis paper.

Students are asking the basic dissertation questions and one of them is ‘What does a research proposal contain?’ A research proposal is still a raw objective of researching. It contains your proposed idea and methods of how you will conduct your researching and writing about the topic you have selected. Therefore, it is really easy to take note of the fact that it will contain some parts of an actual thesis paper.

You can use a research proposal examples if you wish to but let us simply summarize the parts of a research proposal.

  1. Introduction-the overall background of the study you wish to develop.
  2. Thesis statement-your main idea about the topic interest that you want to research on.
  3. Methods-the different methods that you are planning to execute in data gathering and data analysis.
  4. Literature review and references-provide details on what materials you are going to use for the research process.
  5. Conclusion and assumptions-your possible results and assumptions on what you will gain from the research.

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