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Guidelines of MLA Research Paper Format

We have been publishing some articles related to writing an MLA research paper. Of course it would be much easier for us if you will simply browse through our Archives of articles. But since we are serious in helping you write your research paper, we will again write an article about MLA research papers.

Pagination – this aspect of writing a paper involves the style of putting the page numbers. In the MLA format, you simply have to include your last name beside each page numbers.

In text citation – essay writing involves the process of citing your resource materials. This is also applicable to a research paper. In MLA format, enclose the part in quotation marks. Then put the author’s last name with the page number of his work. Enclose the details in parentheses.

Bibliography page – the list of cited resource materials used in the paper. This list should be in alphabetical order. Each entry should include the author’s name, year of publication, and title of his work, the publication company, city and the page numbers.

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