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How to Write a Research Proposal – The Necessary Parts

You might be wondering how a research proposal can lead to a quality research paper. Well if you are going to construct your very first dissertation paper, it is always important that you have an approved plan. This way, you can make sure that you are doing the right procedures recommended by your professor. A proposal is like an advertising document to convince your audience that you have a worthwhile project. But the dilemma of how to write a research proposal is a concern for many students. This time, we will give you the basic steps in composing the initial plan for your research paper.

The research proposal is simply the initial stage of your argumentative research paper. Therefore, you can expect it to have the same major components of a thesis paper. Let us stat with the introduction. This part provides the background of the entire study. It should give the readers a scope of researching and the reasons why you have selected the topic.

The Literature review is a systematic summary of different related articles. Of course you need to make sure that the articles are all about the same topic as what you are trying to conduct research for. The literature review aims to do the following; making sure that you know something about the topic, exposes your complete understanding of the subject scope and convinces your readers of the significance of your chosen topic.

The Methodology segment of the research proposal is the part where you will discuss the procedures that you plan to utilize in your research paper. You cannot see a Methods part in most college essays because this is exclusively included among research projects. Simply provide the details of how you will gather data and how you will analyze them.

The last part is the results or conclusion. Obviously you do not have any results yet because you are still in the planning and proposal stages. You can simply write your assumptions and hypotheses depending on your research paper topic and your knowledge about it.

How to write a research proposal should not be an intimidating question. Simply follow the instructions above and you can easily compose one.