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How to Write a Literature Review Chapter

Imagine a dissertation paper where no literature review is required. Now, stop imagining. Literature review is a crucial part of any research papers. Actually this is included in the first few chapters of your paper so you can really specify its significance. What is a literature review for a thesis and research proposal? How to write a literature review will be our main focus in this article.

How to write a literature review starts with the aspect of understanding its purpose. A literature review is just a summary of other materials that are related to your topic. Yes, you are correct you need to summarize all other research papers, books and journals that pertain to your subject interest. But why? Writing about a topic should be based also on its relevance and importance. You are simply trying to build up the significance reputation of your topic in a college essay or thesis paper. With a literature review, you are increasing the importance of the subject by showing that other people have already researched about it.

So what is the process of writing a literature review? Consider the review as a simple essay. The only difference is that you need to include the discussions of your referenced materials. The same introduction and conclusion parts should also be present. The body segments will contain the details of the reviewed articles.

Can I use just any resource materials for my school research paper? Of course you need to pre-select the reference that you will write reviews for. Make sure that you will use a credible and reputable file. This way, you can further increase the reliability of your research results.

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