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Action Research Paper

Action research paper is a type of college research paper with the main aim of calling on the readers to take a certain action to carry out change. In this type of research document, you will be making the readers see the need for a change through a possible wrong behavior or action that is being practiced and you will enjoin the readers to implement these changes and at the same time, being watchful over the results.

Your paper should begin with a topic that represents a serious societal problem. There are so many topics for this action paper. But be sure that you have chosen a research topic that you know everything about it and not a bit of everything. You may decide to thrash an issue concerning dressing; smoking or drinking in the society or you may have to talk about serious issues such as the depletion of the ozone layer. It is obvious that when you or your readers have learned about a problem, it has to be proven that the problem is serious and injurious to the whole society and a solution or an action must be to taken to prevent further expansion of that problem.

Your purpose in such research papers will be to arouse the readers to act. Keep in mind that such a paper will have to go beyond instant applications. Change is a gradual process. Your readers might also be involved in the wrong and it will gradually take time for them to turn back. Therefore, your tone should be subtle, but which will echo in their minds.

Your first challenge will be to identify a problem. At this stage, your topic might already have identified the problem. Next you will have to explain the problem to your readers, making sure that you have provided detail evidence to prove to them that the problem is injurious. Take note that a problem which calls for wide action must be one which affects the society as a whole. It must not be the concern only of a few individuals. Read more about science fair research paper and literature research paper writing tips.

Your next challenge in an action paper will be to consider your audience. Your audience is not only the academic world. You will seek to convince other readers like religious and even political leaders. They must believe that your cry is real and that the action you are enjoining them into is feasible. Keep in mind that most readers and especially political leaders will be very aggressive towards your cry. They will want to know of the legitimacy of your problem. You should also know that most of such readers may already be aware of the problem that you want to tell. Therefore, it will be very necessary for you to have an in-depth study of the problem. Your approach should move beyond what you already know in the classroom to something more serious. This is because addressing a problem to your colleagues may seem impressive because some will know that for the first time.

Action research paper is a very good research paper because you will have to propose solutions which will produce positive impacts. Solution will be positive if they are practicable. Make sure that those who are called to action can conveniently carry out the actions. Solutions will also depend on the seriousness of the problem.