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Abortion Research Paper

Abortion research paper writing belongs to a class of research papers with peculiarities. Writing a paper on a topic like abortion will mean that the researcher or writer should be able to bring on his or her critical thinking capacity. This is because this type of paper requires a lot of arguments and evidence, plus the fact that the topic of the research paper is a contentious topic. Critical thinking is also required because that nature of the topic will take the researcher or writer through other disciplines. For example, a research document on abortion may carry the research through the fields of ethics, religion and morality, law, politics, science and other disciplines. You will therefore be required to raise arguments for and against the practice of abortion and you will finally take a stand.This type of paper should be started with a view on the topic. If the topic is given to you, you should understand the requirements of the topic very well. If you are given the choice to select the topic, you should be aware of the fact that abortion is a very wide topic. It will have to touch on so many other disciplines and you will need to generate materials to build this. If you think that you may not have enough materials for the completion of your paper, the best line of attacking the topic will be to make it your own. Making the topic your own means you should restrict this college research paper to one particular field about abortion. For example, you may just have to talk only of the religious or moral or legal side of abortion.

Next, develop an outline for your research paper. It will be very difficult if you have to undertake an abortion paper without using an outline. Look at the outlines of another research paper example. This type of paper is a controversial paper and if you are not extremely cautious, your research path may derail. An outline is what guides you through your original plan. For example, it ensures that if you are limiting your arguments only on the legal side of abortion, your research will be limited to that portion.
Once your outline is done, organize your ideas in an order of priority. There will be some points that are stronger than the others. These should come first. If you raise any arguments, make sure you bring in evidence to support them. And of course, you must know that an abortion topic is a current topic. Therefore, your evidence must be current, straight to the point, understandable and must convince the reader on what you will want to prove.

Abortion research paper should have a conclusion which shows your own position towards the subject. To take a strong stand, you must be able to present your points convincingly to the reader. This means that you must be able to back up your claims with more then individual judgment. At this point, you will have to import expert opinion, information and figures on abortion. These are what appeal to the emotions of your readers. At the end of the paper, you must also recommend what solutions you think can be used to counter the practice or to make people think that there is nothing wrong in the practice of abortion.