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Short Essay

The length and contents of an essay presumably depends on the goal of the writer, the topic to cover and the necessary presentation details that the writer intends to expose to the readers. In this aspect, it may sometimes be problematic to write a short essay especially if it has a certain rule in specifying the length. But you should not take it literally. A short essay is not composed of about 50 words. It is actually a loose term telling a reader that the important details can be grasped even in a small frame of discussion.

A short essay belongs to the custom essay genre. This is because your teacher may give you certain instructions as to how you will be writing your article. In any manner, the same formats in writing will be applicable. For example, you need to input a thesis statement, write the introduction paragraph, body and the conclusion.

Referencing is also important in a short essay. You can check out an MLA research paper or APA essay to see how you can use these citation styles. Make sure that you follow the instructions in in-text citation to avoid plagiarism offenses.

Lastly, a short essay needs to be proofread before submitting it. This will eliminate possible errors in spelling, grammar, coherence and accuracy of data. Always include editing in any of your essay plans.

A short essay typically has about 300 to 500 words in it. But you are not restricted in this parameter for it is much valuable to complete your discussions instead of simply following the length of writing.