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Romeo and Juliet Essay

The moment you start writing a Romeo and Juliet essay, you will be transferred to the 16th century, the period when this epic tale of love was written by William Shakespeare. He is credited to have written many valiant and dramatic plays. Most of them have received critical acclaim and is now an area of study. It is studied widely and analyzed over an over again. All institutes and universities and even schools have it in their curriculum. The play is a tale of passion, love and to a certain extent melodramatic. But no matter how you view it the drama will be considered an epitome of Shakespeare’s dramatic plays.

The essay will deal with the many aspects of the play. It can cover the characters, the scenes and acts of the drama or it may just analyze the central theme of the play. In al cases it will be a revelation, because a play of such stature is always full of intrigue, climax and emotion. The word emotion actually purely describes the play. The way it has been written clearly portrays what aspects of human nature it depicts. Passion, love, hate and tragedy all are a part of this drama. In general you can not separate the play from its emotions. It is the integral part of the play and it is this aspect which is studied and researched in these types of essays. When you are given an assignment to write on such a topic you may have to write any of the aspects to the play. Thus it is important that you know the drama in and out. Go through the original version of the drama and understand the crux of it. Learn and analyze the characters and the scenes. You can also read the drama in simple English to grasp the subject matter of the dialogues. It will be needed as you have to know what it is all about. Since the research element in this type of drama essay is less hence you must base your arguments, analysis on the play itself. Comparison and contrast is one aspect that you can also cover here. Since you are most likely to read the other plays by Shakespeare hence you can always compare between the plays and make a comparative analysis of the same. The contrast can also be made with the other drama Anthony and Cleopatra. This play too is a depiction of love, emotion and war. Hence it can be used to make a proper comparison between the central theme of the play and the characters. Also you can learn more about five paragraph essay and expository essay.

While writing a Romeo and Juliet essay you need to have critical ideas to depict the ideology of the play. It is a tough aspect to write and will take some time to get acclimatized with it. Hence start working on it with some time in hand and plan it accordingly. Note down the main aspects of the play and construct the primary draft of the play. Be original in what you write and make your paper different from others.