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Essay Example I—How to Persuade

Essays are of various kinds: descriptive, analytical, persuasive, and narrative among others. In this paper, we will discuss the persuasive essay example. It needs a definite topic that enables you to take a stand; neither questions, nor vague statements starting with “maybe,” “perhaps” can serve as argument topics. The argumentative essay attempts to persuade the reader to the writer’s point of view through strong argument, rationalizing, and examples.


  1. Marijuana should not be allowed for medical purposes.
  2. Abortion should not be legalized.
  3. Euthanasia should be made legal.

Each of these topics encourages you to take a stand for or against. Once you take your stand, you have to adhere to it. Taking the stand is only the beginning of your argumentative essay. Now begins the process of collating information to defend your position, providing samples that prove your reasoning, and reiterating your stand with emphasis and conviction. How do you do this?

Let us consider this example for the persuasive essay:

Subject-Abortion should not be legalized.

  1. Introduction: Provide the context for this subject. Why is it controversial? Consider the ethical, religious, social, or biological aspects. What is your own perspective? The introduction could start with a startling fact, example, or statistical data pertaining to the subject. This grabs reader attention for your work.
  2. Thesis: Subject + stand + reasons. The thesis should state your stand clearly with convincing reasons supporting it. For example, “Abortion should be legalized because it ensures the woman’s right over her own body, does not involve any actual religious complications, and could prove to be a safeguard against medical complications.” The stand: Abortion should be legalized. Reasons: right over body, ethical, and medical concerns.
  3. Paragraph 1—State the first point in defense of your stand. Example: Right to choice over one’s own body. Explain this point in clear detail stating facts and figures, laws, and the issue of personal freedom to defend your stand. Now follow this up with examples where the woman exercised personal choice or freedom. The example should be such that it proves your point, not weaken it. Now reemphasize the point.
  4. Paragraph 2—State the second point. Example: Religious arguments + explanation + example
  5. Paragraph 3—State the third point. Example: Medical issue + explanation + example.
  6. Paragraph 4—Counterargument. This is one argument that could weaken your own. You have to identify this and refute it. You could do this by pointing out loopholes in this argument or examples and statistics that prove the argument wrong.
  7. Conclusion: Summarize the main points and reiterate your stand. You point out the weakness in the opposing viewpoint and emphasize the strength of your conviction.

The example here tells you how to write your persuasive essay. It is a good exercise in not just convincing others but also getting your thoughts straight about the given topic and convincing your self about your stand. It helps you to argue and polish your ability to rationalize.

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