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Montana 98 Essay

To begin a Montana 98 essay the first thing you must do is to read the novel thoroughly. It will give you substantial idea of the primary theme of the paper and the core idea that the story is trying to depict. The importance of the characters, the change that happens to them and the way they reacts to different situations are all need to be critically analyzed and comprehended. However if you are writing such variety of narrative essay this will be a challenge for you as you have to consider only those events or parts which have lot of emotion, action and descriptive occurrences. The idea is to bring out the true meaning of such parts. You must know what exactly the novel is trying to depict and what importance and implication it has in the present day society.

Like any other form of essay the beginning should be always interesting and engrossing which will decipher the main context of the paper. The reader is supposed to be hooked from the first line itself. In the academic parlance this is considered as the thesis statement. Once you read the novel you will find out that the action portions have certain unique aspects. They will be kind of repetitive and follow a certain sequence. It can also be symbolic in nature and can mean more than what they actually look like in the novel. Your role will be to answer a few pertinent questions that tried to depict the true meaning of these scenes and events. The essay questions can be of different types. The central characters can be analyzed and brought forward in their true sense. Other areas that can be covered are the concept of evil that takes place in the entire novel and how the society at large reacts to it. Whether the family is more important than justice or if justice itself precedes family all these are covered in details when you draft such cause and effect essay. While you are writing on the evil consequences depicted in the story you must write against it.

Other areas that can also be included are about the central characters. Something about Frank Hayden and how he transformed to the negative aspect. You may also have to write on Gail Hayden and how she reacted due to the change in her husband. What she felt and how she got transformed due to such occurrence in her family. Since it deals with the society at large it can also try to answer the moral side of the story as well. How the story has evolved over the chapters covering this pertinent aspect and how it tries to portray itself to the reader. Lean more about compare and contrast essay writing and writing essay outline, it might really useful.

Another thing that always attracts the writer of a Montana 98 essay is the reason why the author has chosen the particular year. It may for a very personal issue or due to the importance of the year only. It may be a long drawn debate for this. But we will not consider such aspect. We will only concentrate on the primary objective of the assignment.

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