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Family Essay

Family essays – focus on societal issues

Writing a family essay might actually be a fun thing to do, if you are one who looks at the lighter side of life. Most of the time, this may not be possible. There are so many societal issues that you need to focus on, when you are talking about families. There are a number of issues that could be discussed and analyzed. Therefore, it is interesting to take a look at some of the topics that you could choose while working on such an essay. We could suggest a few topics that get help you put your thinking cap on properly before beginning the actual writing.

Some topics that could interest you

Families and finances: this could be an out of the ordinary view on the way in which families cope in changing financial climes. In the last year or so, there has been considerable focus on collapse of solid establishments in the financial sector – the Lehman Brothers, for instance. Family essays could examine the unity factor in the family prior to and after the collapse. Examine how relationships have taken a beating, because of the pressure of financial constraints and curbs on spending.

The growing-up years: this is an essay that could be a commentary of sorts, from a sociologist’s point of view. Early socialization, they say, is one of the main ingredients of a person’s attitude and aptitude that he or she exhibits in adulthood. Your essay needs to document and analyze the various aspects of this socialization and also explain how it could have a bearing. You could also examine the cases of children who are not subject to constricting rules and regulations that exist in some families. Therefore, this essay could present an insight into what a family goes through during the growing-up years of a child or children. Examine the effects on both the children and the parents.

Families and religion: this might not sound like a ‘hot’ topic to many students. But if you are writing a family essay as a student studying Religion or Ethics in school or college, the topic could be relevant. You could think of this as an essay question: How do parents establish a connect between their own religious beliefs and the absence of the same in their children? Does a parent have the right to enforce religious discipline in his or her children; if so, how can it be done? This is a tricky essay; so watch out how you handle the topic. If you are wondering whether you might be stepping on somebody’s toes by handling such a topic, talk to us and we will guide you through.

Families and sex: is this topic taboo? Since sexual liberation seems to be high on the agenda of many groups of people today, look at this topic without bias. Try to examine the limitations that parents have in discussing various aspects of sexuality and sexual freedom with their children.

Whatever your topic for family essays may be, try to be as objective as possible. Call us for any help you may need in terms of data or analysis.