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Additional Cause and Effect Essay Topics That You Can Utilize

What are the different topic scopes that we can write for a cause and effect essay? If you have this task waiting to be accomplished, then you can learn some new cause and effect essay topics here. I will give you some leads on what to talk about in your essay (even maybe compare and contrast essay)  and give you some tips on how to select the best subject on your own.

First of all, let me again provide you the basic principles in selecting a topic. This is applicable no matter what essay goals you may have from analytical essays to literary essays. When choosing the subject, make sure that it is significant and important, feasible for researching, has many available resource materials to support it and it is interesting and entertaining at the same time.

Now let me give you a short list of topics that you can utilize for your cause and effect essays:

  1. The causes of extreme weather conditions around the globe apart from human activities.
  2. The effects of the internet to the rise of crimes in societies.
  3. Write a critical essay of the cause and effect discussion relating pornography and pre-marital sex.
  4. Causes of contracting cancer.
  5. The effects of sleep deprivation to work productivity.
  6. Analyzing the main role of NASA to the advancement of space technology.
  7. The effects of leaking military technology to the civilian societies.
  8. Effects of legalizing abortion.
  9. The causes of children tantrums.
  10. The causes of the rumored global abandonment of the dollar as the international currency.

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