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Biography Term Paper

Writing a biography term paper is regarded as time-consuming process that usually implies collecting data and organizing it in a coherent story. Short biographies report the most important facts of someone’s life while longer ones include much more detail supplementing the basic information.

While interpreting and analyzing the events of a person’s life try to find connections and develop arguments concerning the importance of his life activities or accomplishments.

Your paper should be written in chronological order. It is possible however to focus on some specific topics and accomplishments. Used may be both primary and secondary sources. To the former belong diaries, newspaper accounts, and letters, while the latter include reference books, other biographies, or histories.

In order to write a biography term paper you are expected:

– select a person you are going to write about;

– find out the most significant facts of the person’s life;

– conduct some additional research to find information which will help you narrate an interesting story. You may consider the following questions:

What makes this person interesting?

In what way does he influence other people?

What are the qualities you would like to point out?

What examples from his life illustrate these qualities?

Did this person take risks or overcome obstacles?

How in your opinion would the world be different if this person had not lived?

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