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Dissertation Binding

What You Need to Know About Dissertation Binding

Regarded as an important part of your paper, dissertation binding is attractive and durable while protecting your work from possible harm. Listed below are helpful tips on how to make your dissertation a good-looking piece of writing.

As far as margins are concerned, 3cm is generally the best at the spine edge, and 2cm on the other three edges.

If your dissertation contains photographs print them on the same size sheets as the rest of the text. Alternatively you may place them on blank sheets to help ensure they are away from margins.

CDs and pockets can be fitted onto the dissertation binding on the inside covers while videos and other large items can be housed in boxes that were made to match the covers.

As for paper type 100gsm is the best for this reason yet in case the paper is heavier than this the book may open very stiffly. You should also consider the use of acid free paper to help ensure you dissertation lasts into the future.

Dissertation binding can be applied to any size of sheets, still sheets smaller than A4 can be restricted in the amount of text found on one page.

One volume of your paper can contain as many as 400 leaves yet the stab-sewn method of dissertation binding means that the opening will be restricted. It is advisable to split such book into two volumes.

Over the years we have been taking pride in offering top quality thesis and dissertation binding services to thousands of customers worldwide. We can bind your paper in a number of various styles, from loose leaf to hardbound as well as soft bindings with card or cloth covers.

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