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Research Paper Bibliography

A research paper bibliography is the citation section of the authors whose texts or articles have been mentioned or borrowed in a document material, file project or report. It can be usually found on the last few pages of the related article with the authors’ last name cited alphabetically.

Most of the research paper bibliographies follow a specific format. This is because the different fields of studies have their own standard formats to follow. Students therefore, must first clarify with their professors the required format prior to starting the assignment in order to prevent mistakes in citing the sources.

In making a research paper bibliography , it will be helpful for the author to have a separate piece of file that indicates all the sources that he has mentioned to save time and effort. It will be very time consuming and frustrating if he will browse through each and every books or materials again in order to locate for the particular line or text that he has used in the study. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the students to draft a citation page written on a separate piece of document. This would be very important while in the process of completing the project. It can be done by indicating the name of the author, date and place of publication, page number and the full title of the article.

For writing the bibliography, one of the most effective ways is keeping track of the sources mentioned in the writing a good research paper, is through the use of index or file cards. These will help in sorting out the information much easier. Important information may be written in these file cards such as the call number of the book or any important sources of information that will help the author locate the material. The use of the index or file cards in making a project’s references will not only help the author to confirm the sources of information, but he will also have the opportunity to correct any mistakes as well.

However, in using the card catalogues in the library, it is important for the author to remember that not all card catalogues and computers follow the MLA style in research paper citations. In order to prevent any troubles, the author must remember to capitalize the words that needs it and underline the titles as well while transferring them to the index or file cards. Lastly, in completing the final draft of the project document citation, it is important for the author to browse through the first draft prior to transferring. Mistakes often occur in transferring citations from the draft to the references page itself. Therefore, the author must make sure that the proper format of citation has been followed correctly.

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