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AS Level Coursework

While GCSE coursework writing is regarded as one of the most important aspects of any academic course, completing a good AS level coursework is a complicated process that requires much time and effort. Following the tips designed by our expert writers you are sure to make the process less challenging.

The first thing that determines to a great extent the success of your AS level coursework is a good topic. Try to find a topic that really interests you and pose it as a problem to be solved or a question to be answered.

Finding sources for your paper is another important step. Give preference to the following: periodical indexes, card catalog, bibliographies, books, and journals.

While working on your paper try to answer the following questions: What is my topic”Why is it important”What background materials are relevant”What is my thesis statement?

In the introduction for your paper you will have to do the following: present contextual and background material; define concepts and terms when necessary; and explain your specific purpose and the focus of your writing.

In the body of you coursework integrate your sources into discussion. Try to explain and analyze published sources rather than reporting them.

If prior to writing your conclusion you haven’t explained importance of your findings, use end of your assignment to add points up. You may also suggest which aspects of the given topic require further research.

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