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AS Biology Coursework

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Regarded as one of the most frequently assigned types of academic writing for students studying biology, AS biology coursework builds up the understanding, knowledge, and practical skills developed in the GCSE.

Generally speaking, this type of GCSE coursework may be related to one of the following teaching modules: Biology foundation which covers themes on basic biochemistry, cell structure, structure of DNA, study of enzymes, cell division, and ecology including the function of each and every processes.

Human health and diseases whereby students are expected to look at different categories of diseases, deficiency diseases and diet, effect of physical exercise on the body, gaseous exchange, infectious diseases with the emphasis on transmissible infections through insects and other responsible vectors(viruses, bacteria and so on) like malaria, cholera, AIDS and TB.

The mammalian transport system, for example may include transport of materials around multi cellular plants. Central concepts covering the major topics of respiration and energy, photosynthesis, and population growth along with genetics, selection and evolution, homeostasis and hormonal control.

AS level in biology is also essential for most medical and veterinary medicine courses with proceeding to the A2 biology which is required for the majority of these.

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