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The first step in writing an art dissertation or any other paper of the kind is to read the topic carefully and determine what kind of art analysis it asks you to make. Thus if your task is to write about art in Florence in the XVI century remember that art refers to architecture, sculpture, and painting.

The next step in composing your art dissertation is to look at the objects you are going to write about. The best possible way is to find the original work of art. However if you've done a lot of reading about the work of art or engaged in a discussion about it, you may be tempted to write a paper without having a look at the object of your study. Be aware of it, and base your analysis on what you actually see in the objects.

The basis of your inquiry while working on your art paper is to explain choices made by the author in the presentation of his work, and then to analyze effects of these choices on viewers in the historical context.

Art dissertation outline, as any other outline, can be written only after all the resources have been found and examined. In case you choose to write a comparison between two works of art stick to either point by point, or whole by whole comparison. Begin each paragraph of your paper with a topic sentence which supports the thesis. Paragraphs should follow the topic sentence asserting its validity. You should also try to get your own specific examples from looking at works of art, and try to describe them using as precise words as possible.

Writing a good art dissertation is rather a complicated process that requires much time and effort. Some of the most successful art essays are provided by our professional writers ensuring top quality of each paper.

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