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Argumentative Research Paper

Along with the concept of critical thinking, a argumentative research paper recognizes the argument as its main constituent, which is also the basis for persuasive kind of papers.

In contrast to the analytical writing that explores an unresolved topic, the argumentative research paper approach is to develop an argument and use evidence to prove it so that your readers assume your viewpoint. Such kind of paper, as the name suggests, is an attempt to convince the audience of a debatable point of view. The latter is the core of your writing the thesis statement.

Convention has it that the thesis statement is presented in the introduction of your paper which is wise enough considering your audience will be frustrated if the point you are trying to persuade is not stated early on.

The body of your argumentative research paper should break down the topic into several parts which will become paragraphs of the draft. It is expected to develop why the audience should believe what you do. You should present only that evidence which supports directly your thesis statement. Convincing arguments and solid back up are what will make your paper a success. And since your insights are something on which your paper balances, this type of academic writing is probably the most wide-spread one.

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