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So you are about to write your thesis. A number of questions emerge at once. What should you begin with”How should you proceed”Which research methods should be used, and how should you organize the results of your work”Following the dissertation advice listed below you are sure to make your paper properly organized and impressive.

First and foremost you must know what you are required to write and why you’re writing it. The next step is developing a thesis statement and an outline of what you are going to say. Make a list of points you are planning to cover and organize research materials you’ll use.

As part of the dissertation advice we also recommend you to look at the samples checked by our doctoral degree holding writers. You won’t be able to write a section if you do not know what a problem statement is or what goes into it.

After collecting your thoughts and ideas we advice you to get them down and edit. Remember that what you write doesn’t necessarily have to look perfect the first time. Later you may go back and refine your writing.

Don’t forget to save what you’ve already written. The best way is to save your work in multiple places such as floppy, hard drive, zip drive, or CD. It is also advisable to print out sections as you’ve completed them so that you can see what your dissertation looks like on paper.

Over the years our writing experts have been providing sound pieces of dissertation advice along with other helpful services including consultation with our thesis professionals, thesis strategies newsletter, counseling and strategy sessions, and guidelines for all proposed chapters.

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