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Action Research Paper

Action research paper as compared to other types of scientific writing, an generally requires that a student identifies broad area of study related to some particular course and focus on the topic through background reading along with identifying a question and presenting arguments in a clear manner. To create an A+ paper follow simple rules listed below.

Do some background reading and communicate with your professor to identify a topic for your paper. Read several books on topics of your interest. Once you’ve completed this task, speak with your advisor about some general ideas and possible analysis directions. All this should be done as early in the academic course as possible.

Define a clear question. It can be general or descriptive . Your task is to identify the cause of a particular event or trend, or some developments in the social life which are not now apparent. The best action research papers identify clearly both how and why questions.

Conduct an analysis bringing all your skills to bear on the topic.

Make an argument that answers the question. The best arguments are those having strong evidence that is based on reliable resources, and logical in presentation of evidence.

Write in a clear and concise manner. This means you should present your argument in a creative and logical way, cite your sources in endnotes or footnotes, and adhere to the formal writing style.

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