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Writing dissertation abstracts is generally considered to be one of the most wide-spread assignments that require much time on part of the writer. Taking advantage of the guidelines below you are sure to make the process less painstaking.

So how should you begin your work on a dissertation abstract”First and foremost, start with the Comprehensive Dissertation Indexes to search for dissertations. This will help you quickly overview the material and provide a citation of the appropriate volume of the Dissertation Abstracts.

The Comprehensive Dissertation Index, commonly referred to as CDI, is the index to Dissertation Abstracts. Over 37 volumes are divided by the subject area while the last four volumes serve as author index to all disciplines. The bibliographic citations include author, title, year, degree awarded, awarding institution, and Dissertation Abstract International location. This results in the set being easy to search without searching for individual volumes of Dissertation Abstracts.

Composed of three sections including Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering, and Worldwide, Dissertation Abstracts International are arranged by discipline, with each entry including UMI order, author’s name, title, degree awarded, year awarded, institution awarding degree, and an abstract.For over thirteen years the CDI was issued as an annual of five volumes including two volumes for the sciences, two for the social sciences and humanities, and one for the author index. However it’s easier to search the Digital Dissertation Online database because of the lack of the coverage provided by CDI.

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