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APA Style Research Essay

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The APA style research essay is generally the documentation used for social sciences. APA is the ellipses for American Psychological Association, and the APA manual is frequently revised. The fifth edition of the manual provides the examples for format, in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes and the reference page. For someone new to the APA style of research paper writing, this can be frustrating and tedious. Indeed, it is true that Masterpaprs.com can make the task easier for you.

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The APA Style

To correspond to the format, your paper should contain four sections:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Main Body
  • References

In general, the Title Page contains the page header, running head, title, your byline, and affiliation. The page header is on the top left of the page and contains the keywords or the first two-three words of the essay’s title.

The running head is typed double spaced after a one-inch margin from top margin. It contains the first three keywords, but it is typed in capital letters. Traditionally, it is more descriptive than the page header.

The title, your byline and affiliation are always centered on the page. Your title may take up two lines, so type the second line after a double space. Your byline follows a double space and the affiliation should always be below the byline after a double space. None of these are typed in capital letters.

The Abstract follows in another page. It contains the header, the word ‘Abstract’ on the center. The body for the Abstract should not contain more than 120 words. Nothing here contains bold letters, underlines, quotes and italics.

The body should have sub-titles. However, don’t pepper your body with quotes. Come up with your own ideas. Also it is not recommended to use bullets ‘ paraphrase.

For the references you can type the References on top center, double-space and start citations alphabetically with the author’s last name. Make use of reverse indentation and try to double space between and in-between references.

Tips to be Kept in Mind

  1. The paper should be typed, double spaced using standard size or 8.5″x11 paper. Margins are set at 1″ on all sides. The standard font used is Times New Roman, or another prescribed by your professor.
  2. A page header is typed on the upper-right hand of each page. The header contains the first two to three words of the paper’s title followed by five spaces before you type the page number.

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