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GCSE Coursework

The emphasis in GCSE coursework, like in any type of academic writing is on facts and their interpretation. This must be presented in a logical and clear way using an academic writing style. Some academic writing tips listed below will help you make your GCSE coursework as effective as possible.

Use straightforward language, avoid note-taking style. In case your paper contains unusual terms, include explanations of them, unless you expect your audience to know them.

It is also strongly recommended to use impersonal language avoiding such personal terms as I and we. Avoided should be also terms that lack a precise meaning, such as good, excellent or nice.

As for the tense form, the present tense is preferable in the introduction of your paper while the past tense is appropriate when discussing findings.

Link points together. Whenever you use a lead sentence make sure that points following it are up to the point and don’t destroy logical structure of your paper.

Among other things you should avoid are questions addressing the reader directly, redundant phrases, contractions, negative statements, and overlong and complicated sentences.

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