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Formatting a Chicago style term paper (+ TIPS)

Writing a Chicago style term paper requires adhering to the writing format presented in the Chicago Manual of Style. Offered here are two documentation styles: one which uses bibliographies and notes, and the other that uses list of references and author-date citations. Available are also guidelines for punctuation and spelling where the treatment of quotations, numbers, illustrations, foreign languages, mathematical symbols, abbreviations, and tables is discussed.

According to these guidelines a superscript number is placed after each quotation, summary or paraphrase. All citations are numbered throughout the text, each of them corresponding to a number note that contains publication information related to the source cited. This note is called endnote if printed at the end of the writing, or a footnote if printed at the foot of a page. These notes aim at citing sources, and making cross-references to some previous notes.

It is also strongly recommended to italicize certain elements such as journal and book titles in printed text. In case your word processing program is unable to produce italics, use underlining. However this may turn out to be a problem whenever you create text for online publication. While creating web documents use italics for emphasis, for title, and for words, numbers, and letters referred to as such.

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