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Speaking about APA dissertation we should say that APA style is used to describe dissertation writing style guidelines that are developed and maintained by the American Psychological Association. Over the years it has worked out a standard for writing style which is currently used by writers in the education, business, social sciences, and psychology.

Thus before you start working on your APA dissertation you should learn basic rules of the writing and publishing process including organizing, formatting, writing, and submitting your dissertation for publication. Provided is the guidance on the editorial style and the appropriate standards for the publishing research in compliance with the ethical principles of scientific publishing.

There exist a number of rules that are sufficient for preparation of most APA dissertation and other papers of the kind. Some of these are listed below.

– your paper should be typed and double spaced on standard size sheet;

– the outside margins of your dissertation should be set at one inch;

– your dissertation should include the following sections each beginning on a separate page: text, abstract, appendices, references, footnotes, author identification notes, figure captions, tables, and figures;

– the title block on the first page should include full title, the name of the writer, course name and number, the name of the instructor, and the date;

– a header with consecutive pages should appear in the upper right-hand corner on each page including the manuscript title page.

APA dissertation format, generally speaking, uses author-date style of citation including the author’s name followed by the publication year cited within the body text of the article.

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