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A technical paper, regarded as one of the most wide-spread types of scientific writings, is usually composed of four sections with the corresponding purposes:

1. The introduction which should:

– open up the subject;

– survey already existing works relevant to this paper;

– describe the problem handled in this technical essay;

– describe assumptions made in general terms and state the results obtained;

– overview contents of the paper.

2. Formulation of the problem which:

– defines the problem to be addressed and considered in detail;

– defines notation and terminology used. These are usually defined along with the problem itself;

– develops equations on which the results of your research will describe any experimental system.

3. Results: this section should present detailed results obtained during the research. In order to choose proper research results to present you should first clear out what points you’re trying to convey to the reader. Whether your technical paper is experimental or theoretical you should provide a careful interpretation of the meaning of your results.

4. Conclusion which should summarize what has been accomplished in this technical paper. It should be written so as to be understood by someone who hasn’t read the body of your paper.

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