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Romeo and Juliet Essay

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While working on the Romeo and Juliet essay you may encounter some difficulties which are common when students write about the stage plays. Avoid making mistakes by following the basic tips:

  • remember that plays are literary works written for the stage and need to be referred to as a stage production;
  • as with all types of analytical writing you should refer to the purposes and effects created by the writer. This generally implies writing about purposes and effects of Shakespeare’s language and poetry as well as the action on stage, especially the use of dramatic devices including asides any irony;
  • the most effective way to write your paper is, as if you were the member of the audience. Describe what you saw and heard on stage using effects of the dramatic irony.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the accurate representation enacted on the scene. To accomplish this goal you may consider the following questions:

  • What was included and left out in the illustration of the scene?
  • What in your opinion was the most important emotion or idea Shakespeare conveyed in this particular scene?
  • What was the most significant element that the artist chose to convey?

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