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Romeo and Juliet Coursework

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While working on your Romeo and Juliet coursework, you students are likely to encounter a number of difficulties which are common when they write about stage plays. You can improve your GCSE coursework by following the basic tips.

While working on your coursework don’t forget the play it is based on what was created for the stage, and hence, should be referred to as a stage production in your paper. As any other type of paper is concerned, here you are required to refer the purposes and effects which had been initially created by Shakespeare. This implies writing about the language and poetry chosen by the writer as well as the action designed for the stage.

It is also much more effective to write your coursework as if you were a member of the audience. Try to imagine what you hear and see on stage and in what way everything you have already seen prepares you for what is about to happen in the play.

Whatever your coursework question, you will have to explain the effects the play has on the audience and the methods used to create these effects.

In case your coursework question involves discussing an extract from the play the most important thing to remember is that your readers don’t know what will follow the extract which means that part of your answer should be dedicated to discussing this particular point and dwell on the effects the extract is likely to have on changing the readers’ viewpoint.

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