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Dissertation Research Proposal

Expert Help With Writing Dissertation Research Proposal

Many people consider writing the dissertation research proposal to be the most difficult process of the paper writing. You should have a firm grasp on the topic proposed, put in numerous hours performing literature review, present your own viewpoint on the particular topic and submit results of your research in dissertation writing.

This page contains guidelines that provide you with the necessary information to make the task less intimidating.

There are various ideas about the length of your proposal. However, if all of its essential parts are addressed during the preparation it will end up at around twenty pages.

    Speaking about the major parts of your assignment we should point out:

  • an introduction that should include a summary of all of the important issues related to your research as well as provide context of those issues within a larger academic framework;
  • a problem statement that should describe your subject and provide background of the problem related to the particular academic field.
  • a literature review that should address scope of your research along with the list of the key findings.
  • a methodology that must describe what you are going to do and how you are planning to do it.
  • a bibliography which is a list of your source materials properly formatted in the academic style required.

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