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A reflective essay can be defined as a piece of writing that provides you with the opportunity to look back on your hard work. This essay type is one of the most complicated and required many skills and efforts.

Before writing a draft of your reflective essay collect all materials, including research notes, project journal entries, outlines, interviews, visual aids and other sources that were used or created to complete the project. The next step is describing your project: what it is exactly and what you found out while working on it. Try to be specific. If you have some interesting quotes from people you worked with, include them into your paper. Avoid describing interesting articles you’ve read for half of the essay. Stay focused on the project as a whole, paying particular attention to the events that shaped the final outcome of your project.

While staying focused on your project, describe what exactly happened to you, what you learned, and how the actual experience of interviewing and researching affected you as a person..

Whichever project for your reflective essay may be, attention should be paid to the final result: What meaning will your project have to the readers”How does your project teach those who didn’t work on it”Get your reader interested by writing an introduction that would catch their attention, and conclusion that they will remember. You should also keep in mind that your paper will be rated on the quality of your writing, as well as the content and whether all the required information was included.

After finishing work on your reflective essay, read it to someone you trust to give you helpful feedback. This will help to make your work organized and strong.

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