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Writing and Evaluating Essay Prompts

Tips to Writing a Good Essay Prompt

Essay prompts constitute one of those writing tasks always done in the classroom setting. Prompts are commonly given as middle school essay topics in which particular aspects about the students are being sought for. When you are faced with the issue of writing a prompt, you will always be faced with the temptation of starting to write immediately. This is because this is a timed writing and you will not want to work against time. This is a good thing but you will have to start from the same manner like starting with an essay plan. The first thing you should do is to look at the requirements of the prompt critically. Notice whether you have been given the option to make choices or whether you are required to answer all the questions. However, in most prompts, you will be required to make a choice. When this is given, consider this as an opportunity to let you ignore those questions you are less prepared to answer in favor of those you can tackle with more confidence. Start answering the easy questions. Remember that you will also find out that it is a boost to your morale to start with what you feel best to answer. But if you carefully study and revise ahead of writing the prompt, you will realize that all topics of the prompt are good essay topics.

There are so many students who will just dash into answering the questions without first making a plan. Prompts should not be approached in the same manner like most types of essay. You have to begin by discovering a few ideas and planning how these ideas can become the body of your essay. Remember to sit for some time, think about what is required and make an essay plan on what you have. Your answer should be very concrete. Keep in mind that most teachers will prefer answers that are concrete and specific rather those that stay up in the clouds of generalities.

When writing your answer, always remember that what is needed from you is a response that is organized and coherent rather than rambling. It is common for just a few numbers of students to have that talent to rapidly put their thoughts in order. If this is not possible for you, you will need to plot some direction to follow before you begin writing. This is the more reason why knowing how to write an essay outline would work well for you. Remember that if you have a few thoughts in mind, your pen will move smoothly. Also keep in mind that these thoughts do not have to be very definite. They need only something to let you start with. Then you can keep thinking and sharing and adding your thoughts as the writing progress.

In most case, the nature of the prompt will suggest the manner in which the answer will have to be followed. Remember that most prompts will have directives or words that will help you to define your task. For example, a prompt might directly ask you to evaluate, compare, discuss, explain, describe, summarize or trace developments. One good way to begin your put on the right track is if you incorporate such directive words in your first sentence.

Essay prompts should always be answered with substantiations. Remember that this will be a competitive type of writing. You will need something extra to make your answer prop above those of others. Remember that substantiations should be current and must substantiate what you intend to prove.

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